Hello, Der Oto!

There is a fantastic new update for any Oto Biscuit owners out there – if you were on the fence about getting one, this should certainly shove you over! For those of you unfamiliar with the Biscuit, it’s an innovative effects processor that combines 8-bit converters and digital processing with analog resonant filters. It’s pretty amazing at transforming anything fed through it, into something much richer, crunchier and far more interesting. Since the hardware was released there have been a number of firmware updates that have added additional functionality, like more effect types to existing devices (at no extra cost!).

The latest firmware update, called “Der OTO,” has expanded the Biscuit from an effects processor into a full fledged two oscillator Monosynth with 16 step sequencer. Here is a nice video from OTO showing off some of the sounds you can get out of this update:

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Hello Minitaur!

Today Moog Music announced the Minitaur synth. It’s a small all analog synth based on their Moog Taurus bass synth and it’s certainly looks like a bad ass portable bass synth.

From Moog:

“Minitaur is a compact and powerful analog bass synthesizer that features a classic one knob per function design. It packs legendary analog Moog bass into a package designed to fit seamlessly into today’s performance and production environments.”

What do you think? Would you rather have a Minitaur or a Slim Phatty ? Let us know in the comments.

How to Make a Noise


If you want to take your sound design and synth programming skills up a notch, save your money on a new plugin and have a read through these three new books from Noise Sculpture. Author Simon Cann has expanded his original synth programming ebook “How to Make a Noise” into 3 titles with a focus on Analog Synthesis, FM, and Sample-Based Synthesis. With each ebook available in all the popular formats and  costing only $2.99 they should be a great addition to every electronic musicians digital bookshelf.

The Books are available on the Amazon Kindle Store and Apple’s iBooks. For more info check out Noise Scuplture’s main page