Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizer Block


Wired for instant access to classic tones without needing a single patch cable, the Synthesizer Block is a complete semi-modular, monophonic synthesizer. The Synthesizer Block is 100% analog and 100% Eurorack compatible with a complete set of patch points able to override the internal audio and CV signal path.

The Synthesizer Block was designed to be the core of any modular system. Each major component is fully patchable and can function independent to the rest of the module. This allows the functionality of the Oscillator, Filter, LFO, Envelope Generator, and VCA to be broken apart and used like standalone modules.


  • Full Range Sawtooth Core Oscillator
  • Oscillator Waveform Mixer
  • Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter
  • Wide Range Low Frequency Oscillator
  • Glide Control for Portamento Effects
  • ADSR Envelope Generator
  • High Quality, Linear Response, Voltage Controlled Amplifier


Module Components

(Voltage Controlled Waveform Generator)

Coarse and Fine Tune Rate Controls
Frequency Modulation (FM) CV Input Attenuator (Internally patched to LFO Triangle Wave)
Pulse Width Modulation CV Input Attenuator (Internally patched to LFO Triangle Wave)

Oscillator Patch Points:
One Volt Per Octave Input
Reset Input
FM CV Input (Overrides Internal Routing)
PWM CV Input (Overrides Internal Routing)
Triangle Wave Output
Saw Wave Output
Square Wave Output


(Voltage Controlled 12db Low Pass Filter)

State Variable Filter Core with Voltage Controlled Cutoff Frequency
Cutoff Frequency CV Attenuverter (Internally patched to ADSR Output)
Cutoff Frequency and Resonance Controls

Filter Patch Points:
Cutoff Frequency CV Input (Overrides Internal Routing)
Audio Input
Audio Output


(Low Frequency Oscillator)

Wide Range is Perfect for Long Sweeps or Audible Rate Frequency Modulation
Rate Knob and Range Switch Controls

LFO Patch Points:
Triangle Wave Output
Square Wave Output


Envelope Generator

4 Stage Envelope Shaper
Attack, Decay, Release Knobs
Sustain On/Off Switch

Envelope Generator Patch Points:
Gate Input
Envelope Output



Hardwired between the 1 Volt Per Octave Input (1V/O IN) and the Oscillator
Glide Amount Knob


(Oscillator Waveform Mixer)

Waveform Mixer for Oscillator Outputs.
Triangle Wave Attenuator
Saw Wave Attenuator
Square Wave Attenuator

Mixer Patch Points:
Mix Output


(Voltage Controlled Amplifier)

High Quality, Linear Voltage Controlled Amplifier
CV Input Attenuator Knob

VCA Patch Points:
CV Input (Internally patched to ADSR Output)
Signal Input (Internally patched to Mix Output)
Signal Output


Size: 28hp
Depth: 35mm
Power Usage: TBD

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