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Pittsburgh Modular Cell[48] System 2 – Modular Signal Processing Unit


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The Cell [48] System 2 is a signal manipulation powerhouse. A modular multi-effects processor packed with all the tools needed to sculpt audio and twist control voltage signals. This system is packed with features. An 8 step sequencer pairs with the dual LFO to create complex control voltage patterns or clock the Sequencer with an external Oscillator to create a crushing sub-octave generator. At only 6hp in width, the Toolbox module is overstuffed with circuitry. Slew, sample & hold, noise, and a voltage inverter. Audio signals are covered with a triple mode ring modulator that can be used for everything from classic bell tones to bruising distortion and a full second of classic, voltage controllable analog delay. Free from the constraints of hardwired signal paths and limited routing options, the Cell[48] System 2 Modular Signal Processing Unit takes control to a new level.


Cell [48] System 2 Components:

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