Atomosynth Mochika XL


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This little south american synth has a huge sound and an eight step sequencer that’s perfect for  programming leads, basslines, and wild evolving drones. It’s all-metal construction and killer price make it a powerful addition to any setup.


This synth features one analog square and saw waveform VCO (voltage controled oscillator) with a huge pitch range, from subsonic to ultrasonic sound.

Glide effect with a large range for radical portamento effect.

One square and triangle waveform LFO (low frequency oscillator), that modulates the VCO for the vibrato effect or the VCF for a tremolo effect, creating old school arcade Atari-like sounds.

White noise generator that triggers the VCO and can create percussion like sounds, or mix the the noise with the VCO.

Also, it has a built in vactrol based Low Pass and High Pass Filter with cut off and peak controls and a envelope generator with decay control to create a wide sort of timbres and sound possibilities.

Built in 8 step sequencer with global gate time control, note on/off switch and pitch knob for each step.

The built in sequencer also has 8 playing modes and 4 gate arpegiator modes:
Oscillator mode, the Mochika becomes a drone oscillator, you can switch in real time between the 8 notes tweaking a knob.
4 step, 6 step, and 8 step sequencer mode.
4 step, 6 step, and 8 step forth and back sequence mode.
Random mode, it generates a large pseudo random sequence, seed of chaos!!!
Gate Arpegiator with 4 patterns, you can switch in real time between the 8 notes tweaking a knob. and sync it by midi
CV and Gate Outputs to control other analog synthesizers.

The Mochika XL features a MIDI input to sync it any midi device sending midi clock signals, the mochika can sync 1, 2, 4 and up to 8 times the tempo of the master clock midi device.
All the Mochika sequencer modes, except oscillator mode, can be midi synchronized.

Also the instrument is ligthed with 1 bright green led that indicates the LFO Rate, and 8 blue leds to indicate the step that is being played. Very useful when you play it on a dark stage.
The Analog Sequencer is packed in arugged steel case with all the potentiometers and switchers fixed to the case.
The instrument is powered by an external power supply (12V AC, 500mA)
Dimensions: 180mm(W), 215(D), 82mm(H. incuded rubber feet and knobs)


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