Octatrack Tip Video #1 : The Amp page and Amp menu.

[prima_youtube id=”oncL3sAiV44″ width=”700″ height=”386″]

By: SecretMusicUK
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oncL3sAiV44

Secret Music has created a great series of videos to show off some of the cooler features of the Octatrack. Here is the first in the series.

[quote style=”boxed”]Today we will focus on the Amp page and it’s setup menu. We will use the Octatrack as an advanced synthesizer to get acquainted with the parameters in these two pages. First we need some single cycle waveforms, they are sampled from synthesizers or other noise making devices of all sorts. They are ideally suited to samples as they take very little space yet allow you to achieve infinity sustaining sounds. [/quote]