Octatrack Pro Tip #3 – Sampling and Crossfader Transitions

[prima_youtube id=”ZBANTG8lWVw” width=”700″ height=”386″]

By: ElektronHQ
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBANTG8lWVw

Try it out for yourself! Download the Project file for this Pro-tip here:

A Machinedrum is being MIDI slaved to an Octatrack. The Octatrack samples the Machinedrum using one shot recorder trigs. The sampled loops are used for making smooth transitions when changing Machinedrum patterns.

[quote style=”boxed”] A Machinedrum is being midi slaved to an octatrack. The Octatrack samples the Machinedrum using one shot recorder trigs. The sampled loops are used for making smooth transitions when changing machinedrum patterns.The one shot recorder trig is being armed.  Now the Octatrack is sampling. When moving the crossfader the Machinedrum will fade out and the sampled loop will fade in allowing you to switch patterns on the MD. Changing the Octatrack tempo will change the tempo of the sampled loop as well.[/quote]