Elektron Octatrack DPS-1: How to slice an Amen break

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By: Arjen Schat
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpkwuM8PkNI

Tutorial on how to slice an Amen break quick and easy.


Octatrack: How to slice an Amen break
Audio and video by Arjen Schat

First set the Machine to flex, then add the Amen sample. In this video I use the traditional sample which I’ve rendered in Renoise (my DAW) to fit exactly 3 bars.

Make sure the lock is on the original tempo. You do this by pressing Enter/Yes when the the focus is on the BPM. To add slicepoints just press Enter/Yes when you’re in the Slice menu. Set the amount of slices to 12 to make the trigs 1/16th note.

Now turn on SLIC in the Playback Setup and you’re ready to set the parameter lock which will trigger the slices. Hold the Scene B button and turn STRT to 22, this will allow the crossfader to switch to each slice.

Place some note trigs in the sequencer, none of the slices are looped so make sure you place plenty of them.

Let the breakage begin!

Thanks for watching and thanks to Elektron for the Octatrack.