Elektron Analog Four meets Anushri Basic CV demo

[prima_youtube id=”WAqdO413DTs” width=”700″ height=”386″]

By: darenager
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAqdO413DTs

CV A is set to 1v/Oct, CV B is set to Gate, CV C is patched to Pulsewidth, CV D is patched to VCF. I have the LFO set to modulate CV C and CV D. Notice how the LFO can go into audio rate. Also the Arp also transmits to the CV and Gate. The A4 is just doing the BD, clap and hihats. The Anushri is doing the twangy acid sound. It seems that the CV outs on the A4 are pretty flexible. So don’t think that this basic demo is all it is capable of as I did not spend a lot of time setting it up but hopefully you get the idea. Also remember that the CV values can be modulated or locked and you can configure any or all of them as triggers, gates or CVs as you please, with lots of options to set the ranges, offsets and polarity etc.