New Elektron Octatrack Shirt

Its no news that Elektron makes some amazing hardware, and while their products may not be the cheapest way to get started making electronic music, there are few (if any!) instruments that are as immediate, hands-on, and inspiring as the Machinedrum and Monomachine have proven to be.

So when Elektron debuted the Octatrack a few months ago, it would be a serious understatement to say we were excited – we ordered one immediately. By our count, the possibilities are endless with the new approach to sampling this product presents. The Octatrack will definitely be making multiple appearances in this blog as time progresses, but for now I thought I’d start by showing off this wonderfully stylish Octatrack t-shirt that Elektron sent over – just in time for t-shirt weather to get started in NYC. Thanks Elektron!